Thursday, 4 November 2010

Oh no Jon's blogging

Well I decided that I should document some of the code stuff I do and instead of using my usual notebook I thought I could post it online so I could share stuff with my students. I will see how it goes may still go back to the paper for most of the work and scan the results and post it here.

In the mean time here is a movie of my latest project, this show my NGL:: library and the PyNGL:: library interacting with each other, this was inspired by a talk given by one of my ex students (Hannes) who works for MPC who last week said most of their pipeline was scriptable using either embedded lua or Python code, so I thought "I wonder how I would do that" what you see below is the initial code framework to do this.

The code is loaded from a file and when a key is pressed the code is re-loaded into the program and executed again. I've since written a more integrated version using Qt and the QScintilla editor which I will blog about once finished.

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