Thursday, 18 November 2010

Installing NGL docs in Qt

The following post explains how to create the doxygen help for NGL then install it into QtCreator

First we need to create a directory for the help. Change into the NGL directory and type the following

mkdir docs
mkdir docs/html

Next in the root directory of NGL type doxygen (and ignore the warnings !)

This should generate all the html help files for doxygen. We now need to convert them into a format that Qt uses. This is done with the qhelpgenerator program which is located in  /opt/qtsdk/qt/bin/qhelpgenerator

To use it we change to the $(HOME)/NGL/docs/html directory and run

 /opt/qtsdk/qt/bin/qhelpgenerator index.qhp

This will create a file called index.qch which is loaded into Qt Creator, open up the preferences and locate the following tab

click on the add button and locate the NGL/docs/html/index.qch and add it.

re-start Qt Creator and you should be able to press F1 on any of the NGL:: classes and get the help as shown below

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