Monday, 29 November 2010

A bit of History

Collected 4 boxes of comics from my parents today dating from 1975 - 1981 amongst the other things they found when emptying the loft were a series of print out from what I believe is a pen plotter I had for a commodore 64 computer I would guess these are from around 1983 - 1984 (I was 13 / 14 then) 

The first program draws a spiral, I'm not sure if I wrote this or if it was from one of the user guides, however you can see I wasn't that good at commenting code then.

The next scan seems to be my attempt at doing some kind of 3D drawing but I guess I wasn't happy with it as the code is struck through with biro.
The next scan is a chess board, again don't think this was my one, just a demo (we used to have to type them in then tho, as everything was on a cassette tape backup)
Think I may have been overachieving with this one, the title says "Demo CAD system" unfortunately there is no output so not quite sure what it did, however do remember writing a basic CAD system for my CSE Computer Science course so could have been a version of this (The final one was written for BBC Basic but I don't have it)

Finally I think this may have been some computer homework, as it's the usual class grade calculation (I remember being pissed off of having to do this again when I did my degree ;-) Note the crossings out and comments.

I won't bother to critique the code, but it does look very naive but hey I guess it still works. Will have to try and did out some more old code one day, always fun to look at it.

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