Friday, 1 June 2012

Enable SSH on Boot for Raspberry PI

My usual development cycle using the raspberry pi is to use the mac and BBEdit via SSH to edit files and iTerm to ssh to get a shell. Whilst by default you can ssh from the pi, you need to enable ssh properly to work both ways.

The following will install and enable ssh on the debian "squeeze" build.
sudo apt-get install ssh
sudo update-rc.d ssh defaults
On a re-boot the ssh server will now be active. To make life easier on the pi you can follow this tutorial to not require a password.


  1. There is a file called "boot_enable_ssh.rc" in first partition of default Raspberry Pi Debian "squeeze" image.
    To automatically install and enable SSH without monitor, nor keyboard, rename that file on your computer to "boot.rc", then plug the card into Raspberry and boot (connected to Ethernet of course). Wait for 1-2 minutes and voila! You have up and running Linux box with SSH.

  2. cool, I've noticed with the new images this isn't necessary at all anyway. I'm now using the wheezy image and it's enabled by default.

  3. there is no *.rc file in the /boot folder, and all my attempts to get one failed... what gives ?