Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Some (very) rough designs

I've been asked to give some more examples for the assignment design hand-in, the following two scans from my sketch book show some basic class designs for a scene element of NGL, I never implemented it, but gives a bit of an idea

Excuse the handwriting but it was only for my consumption really!

The next 5 scans are from an initial design for a Free From Deformation program based on the linked paper (including the deliberate mathematical error in the paper which took ages to debug and correct) this was done as Part of the MSc Computer Animation course for the CGI Techniques unit, will update and release the code at some stage.

The next block of stuff is rough designs for my programmable flocking system which eventually became my MSc project this is the main initial design sketches as well as the design of the programmable brain, I've omitted some pages of crap but most of it is here.

There you go a quick view inside the chaotic mind of me designing, I'm in the process of doing the main re-design of the render farm interfaces so will start posting some of that later this week, along with a new set of coding examples based on using MySQL

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